Dawn Womack Michael, LCSW

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Resources and Information:
Warning Signs of Childhood Depression
  • Spends a lot of time alone in his or her room 
  • Losing touch with friends or changing his or her circle of friends 
  • Missing school or not doing school work 
  • Change in eating habits - eating too little or too much 
  • Appears irritable or constantly angry - taking anger out on the family 
  • Change in sleeping habits 
  • Seems apathetic 
  • Physical symptoms, such as a chronic headache or stomach ache 
  • Alcohol or drug abuse 
  • Talks about suicide 

Warning signs of self-injury:
  • Unexplained frequent injuries
  • Wearing long pants and sleeves in warm weather
  • Low self-esteem
  • Overwhelmed by feelings
  • Inability to function at work, school or home
  • Inability to maintain stable relationships
Symptoms of Anger Problems
  • There is a very strong and / or intense reaction in a child at an alleged sense of rejection or insult.
  •  A child tending to scream or speak loudly in reaction to practically something that is no match to the reaction.
  •  A child showing signs of inflicting the anger on self, by harming the self or getting in to wrong habits to punish the parents, towards whom the anger at that age is generally directed at.
  •  Continuous and habitual disobeying the requests or demands by elders especially the ones in the family.
  •  Having adjustment and unrest complaints from the school, with respect to the child.

The Phone - 24 Hour Crisis Line: 
(225) 924-3900 
(800) 437-0303 – Toll Free